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alphanet-design terms and conditions

The content of this website is the copyright of alphanet-design and may not be reproduced, in part or in full, without express permission in writing.
Alphanet-design agrees to work with individuals and/or companies provided the following is accepted:
It is the clients sole responsibility to ensure that any material provided by them for inclusion within a website does not infringe any copyright. Any costs involved in the correction of such an infringement will be for the clientís account.
Alphanet-design will take all reasonable care to ensure that material generated by them does not infringe any copyright. Should such an infringement inadvertently occur then the cost of correction will be borne by alphanet-design, to the limit of the cost of the website to the client.
Alphanet-design reserves the right to use websites developed by it in the promotion of itís services to others.
Material produced by alphanet-design for a clients website may be used as the basis for material in other websites, although we will avoid any near or precise reproduction, especially where the sites are within similar markets or interest.
Following free initial consultation with a client on the general structure of the site required, alphanet-design will offer a quotation for consideration. Given that this is acceptable, a deposit of 50% of quotation is required before commencing on the build of the site. Final payment is to be made before loading an approved site onto the web. Any deviation of this arrangement will be by mutual consent between alphanet-design and the client.
During the build of a website, interim discussion and communication will be determined by the complexity of the site being prepared, and on our clientís requirements. Changes from the initial structure agreed can be accommodated but may be liable to additional costs.
Upon final approval by the client, and on payment as outlined above, the website will be uploaded to the clientís own web area and any further amendments will form a separate business agreement.
Within 3 months from uploading the approved site, alphanet-design will amend any errors that had passed un-noticed, and that are of their making, with no charge to the client.
The copyright of the approved and uploaded website will become the property of the client.



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